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"Thank you so much! You make repairs as painless and easy as possible."
--Dr. Lynn Eustis

"We are so pleased with all the work Gil has done for us.  He is prompt and attentive to maintaining a clean work area, as well as thoroughly cleaning up when he is done for the day.  [We've] also been impressed with his creative "fixes" when he comes to a challenge in a project.  Gil is very attentive to the details of his work making sure all the little details are just precise and perfect."
--Dr. Tom and Elaine Pledger


"Quiet, efficient, reasonable--what more could you want? A+"
--Mary A. Thompson

Dear Gil,
Thank you so much for your help! I can't thank you enough for telling me what was wrong.I would like to have you come back and fix two curtain rods as well as my outside lights.--L.E

Gil Canchola is great! He was able to fix a major plumbing issue at my house after others were unsuccessful.  He has the knowledge and the skill, not to mention the problem-solving ability, to help get things done right. I highly recommend him. 

--Dr. Lynn Eustis, Associate Professor, University of North Texas

--Thank you, We'll ping you again for more work when we have it.
- Salena

Gil -  Thanks for the help! I plan to use you in the future.



"To whom it may concern:  Endorsement of Gil Canchola "HANDYMAN"


My 56 years of construction industry experience have included being a Licensed Contractor, Certified Vocational College Instructor, Project manager for many multi million dollar construction projects and Engineering Management Consultant.  I have hired/fired/trained and supervised thousands of construction tradesmen, both union and non-union, all over the United States.


The first time Gil Canchola worked at my home he could feel my hot breath on the back of his neck as I watched his every move.  I questioned him about his approach to solving problems and carefully observed his skill with tools and materials.  Gil has successfully completed several projects for me and I plan to use him extensively in the future.  Were I still a contractor I would pay Gil "over scale" to get him to enter my employment because I have the highest respect for his skills and work ethic.


Gil is a hard worker, dependable to the extreme, honest and expert.  He is one of those rare individuals who has earned both my professional and personal respect and trust.




Robert W. Pharr"

I really appreciate knowing a handyman I can trust.  If I send him an email in the morning, the problem is usually resolved that same day.  Gil takes care of me, my tenants, and I recommend him to friends and neighbors.    

–Brian S.  Allen, TX

"Gil Canchola is a very able and trustworthy gentleman.  He has aptly completed any task I have asked him to do and in a most pleasant manner!  I have most willingly and enthusiastically referred him to several of my friends and I believe they share the same feelings as I.
I am more than happy to accept any calls for information or reference information.
Virginia Pharr
"Gil, everything was great! Thank you so much."
--Rickie Jenkins

and many more happy customers!

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